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We are a Portuguese NGO, Non-profit, non-religious, and non-political.


In order to further our programs, we send goods and improve education to help to Guinea-Bissau, one of the poorest countries in the world.


Our members go to Guinea-Bissau to organize the distribution and the projects, but also to identify the most urgent needs of population. They also perform the follow-up on the use of the donations.


Each member of Ajuda Amiga involved paid for his own travelling expenses.


Our mission is helped in Guinea-Bissau by our local volunteers, by the Embassy of Portugal, by NGOs of Guinea-Bissau, which has a partnership with us, and by the Catholic Church.

Ajuda Amiga provide short training courses about Technologies of Information, Agriculture,  Conservation, Health, etc., for teachers and experts. These are done in cooperation with our local partners.


Ajuda Amiga also distribute hundreds of technical books and some office furniture, computers, sewing machines, etc., in order to create or improve Vocational Training Schools on Guinea-Bissau.

Promoting and improving education is our first priority.


Since 2008 until 2016 we have distributed 200.000 books, and some furniture and materials in Guinea-Bissau.


Projects for improving the conditions of the schools are promoted, like schools roofs repair, water wells drill, etc.


This help benefits 60 schools and about 20.000 students, and 10 public libraries.

Since 2008 until 2106 we have distributed 144,6 t of goods in Guinea-Bissau, some help go to the Recovery Centers for Children Malnourished of the Catholic Church, such as clothing, food, medicine, toys and books, among others, and other part go to elderly.


The humanitarian and development support that we did was only possible because we have the commitment and the support of private and public entities, including our partners, volunteers and other individuals. To all, our renewed thanks.



  Ajuda Amiga is recognized as NGO - Non Governmental Organization for Development, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal,

  through the Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua




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